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Changing the natural hair care game…

I embarked on my natural hair journey to embrace my heritage and explore my femininity. My journey involves contributing to the knowledge and visibility of natural locs on the web which has led to my entrepreneurship. The products I offer are deeply rooted in identity and wellness. The Infinity Headwrap is a simple yet versatile way to adorn your hair with different colors and designs so that your options to express yourself are limitless. I’m especially proud of the hair growth oils because they focus on an instrumental ingredient--horsetail leaf--which has been overlooked in hair health.

I’ve been growing my locs for over 8 years and I have dyed my hair countless times. I always wanted my locs to remain long and strong but after time went on and I continued to color treat my hair, I noticed my hair started getting weak. This was devastating until one day I learned about horsetail leaf’s strengthening properties and its plentiful hairgrowth effects. My hair has become much stronger and longer since incorporating my organic products into my routine. I’m overjoyed that I brought my locs back to life and was able to surpass my tailbone length goal.

"I brought my locs back to life…"


Horsetail Leaf is an herb known to help grow and even regrow hair. It contains silica, which is great for strengthening hair and selenium, which is great for promoting hair growth. These oils are infused with real horsetail leaf which provide an amazing boost for your hair along with the other powerful and healthy ingredients. I originally used horsetail leaf for my own hair care needs, then I shared some DIY solutions on YouTube, and now I have products available for our community.

“Keisha takes you along her natural hair journey, which became her self-love journey, through teachable memoirs. Offering her perspective on a black woman’s experience with family, friendships, relationships and most importantly self-love, Keisha bares it all. The role hair plays in a black woman’s life is major; it impacts her confidence, sense of beauty and self-esteem. Read how transitioning from chemically straightened hair to natural locs (commonly referred to as dreadlocks or dreads) can open a black woman’s eyes to her true self.”

More Than A Hair Journey